How to Make More Informed Healthcare Choices and Become Your Own Best Health Advocate with Dr. Joe Nieusma

Your health is your choice, so why not learn how to make better, more informed choices when it comes to your medical care, nutrition, medications, supplements… all of the things? Everything you choose to do or not do, eat or not eat, think or not think plays a role in your overall wellness. Today’s guest is Dr. Joe Nieusma and he is not only passionate about becoming a more informed consumer and health advocate but an incredibly well-educated health expert that helps others by reviewing their medical records and help them to eliminate unnecessary prescription drugs from their profile. Through a detailed history of symptoms as described by the client/patient or family members, combined with an analysis of the medical history, he recommends changes and ultimately eliminations to their current drug therapies to improve the quality of life of the patient by reducing or eliminating unnecessary drug side effects. 


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