Superior Toxicology has a new look… but why? Lawyers… that’s why!

You have to love dealing with people who manipulate the rules to their advantage without regard to how the initial agreement was worded. What do I mean by this, you ask? Why does a brand new website need a new look? How are these two questions related? And can it be tied into a Thanksgiving reference? has a new look and feel! The information will be the same. The awesome services provided at Superior Toxicology & Wellness will be the same, and the value provided will continue to be the “best in the world” as no other company will beat me in price, or service. That I guarantee, or I will give you the report for free. That is correct, I said it here and will stand by it. If I can’t beat the price of a competitor for an OEL/ADE report, I will be happy to provide it to you for nothing, nil, zero, zip, nada, no money. I will win your business; you will be satisfied and see the quality of our work. I am that confident in what we do. 

Apparently, when I set up my original website I ruffled some feathers and it took a mere six weeks or so to get a letter from an attorney. I don’t need to name names in this case, as you all already know who sent me the nastygram. The original agreement qualified the level of change required to make a document (read OLE/ADE report) “original”. It was not a whole lot more than wiping my signature off the original document and replacing it with the signature of the new toxicologist at the old company and calling it original work. OK. That seemed to work fine as a definition of “original”. I applied that logic and theory to the new website design and the old company took offense that it was not different enough. 

Hmmmm…..changing the rules after they were set to advantage their point-of-view. Anyway instead of sending an email, a snail mail, or, God-forbid, even a phone call (since, after all, we worked hand-in-hand side by side for 14 years) there arrived a letter from the lawyer saying I have to change the website and I can’t talk about “misleading information” in blogs anymore. Again, a gray area as my truth is certainly going to be characterized as misleading information by others. Right? The only thing I have to say about it is that truth hurts and I am very used to dealing in truth. As a matter of fact, I have not even scratched the surface on the truth I could deal in on this matter. Honestly, most of it doesn’t matter and I will continue to take the high road and allow the voice of positive influence to rule the decisions I make. 

For that reason, the website has a new look and new, original, descriptions with all the same services and value as always. I want your business and I will work to gain your confidence, your trust, and your satisfaction. My guiding principles in business is to always do the right thing, and over deliver to my clients. My day is good when I can abide by these two major guidelines. I will freely admit that I am easy to take advantage of and some people have done that. However, I also need to admit that I am very tenacious and super competitive. Both are traits that help the underdog achieve the goals laid out in front of us every day. 

You can help me build the success of Superior Toxicology by giving me a shot. The work is top quality and will be exactly what you want, need and require as we work together to make it that way. The value will be second to none (or, its free) and my goal is complete satisfaction for my client and to earn your repeat business. If you are in need of toxicology services or know someone who uses toxicologists, please share my contact information and give me a chance to show you it is a good decision! 

Superior Toxicology & Wellness can provide expertise in evaluating your new drug entities and existing products for all the occupational toxicology needs. The excellent value of Superior Toxicology & Wellness products is complemented by our extremely quick turnaround and first-class customer service. 

As always, drop us a line through the contact form with any questions or comments. 

Thank you!


Dr. Joe Nieusma and the Superior Toxicology & Wellness Team

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